Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Thanking N'Sync for the throwback title of the day.

Christmas was wonderful. We went to "Simple Christmas" on Christmas eve at NorthStar. The longer I go to that church, the more I love it. I loved having my whole family there. We're rarely all together, just the six of us. Now that I think about it, we weren't really with just the six of us, but at least we were all there sitting together. (Even if it was the very back row. Although, they did have to pull up lots more chairs because apparently they underestimated how many people were going to show up, definitely a good thing though!) After church we went to Grandmom's with the Baines and Rymers. As always. I love traditions. Love them. Drew, Court, Charlie, and me got put in the basement to eat dinner. We're too old to sit with the baby cousins, but too young to have the honor of sitting at the "adult" table. We always contemplate when we'll make the jump into the fancy dining room. I can picture the four of us years from now, all sitting at the poker table in the basement with our husbands and wives. That'll be a sight. We had steak for dinner. Keep buying those Topsy Turvy plants folks :) It really was delicious. The "babies" seperate the presents out into piles for everyone. The tradition has been past down from the four of us to the babies. And they're rockin' at it. The night was so fun. I laughed a lot. My family is so dysfunctional. The first significant other any of us brings to Christmas Eve has gotta be the one. We're dysfunctional in a completely lovable, hilarious way.

My "big present" was a new phone. A pleasant surprise. Hello world, I'm finally caught up with the rest of y'all with this "smart phone." But really, I like it a lot. It's more than a couple steps up from the third hand-me-down phone I had. The food we eat on Christmas day is delicious. I l-o-v-e breakfast food. So much. And I love that we put in a movie after we eat, lay down on all over the couches and chairs, and fall asleep. Another great tradition.
Maybe the most special treat about Christmas, it was a WHITE Christmas. It snowed all day, but didn't really accumulate that much until later that night. In my opinion it still most definitely counts as a white Christmas. We've gotten way more snow this year than we ever do. It makes me super pumped for the rest of winter (Since it has to be winter, I might as well embrace it).

Natalie and Addie aka mini Courtney and me

I'll go ahead and speak for Drew and say we're his favorite girls

We loveeeee the Tar Heels (should make the bowl game interesting)

The King sisters in their matching P.J.s. There's about fifty more of these. But I'll spare you :)

Sam. Matching pajamas with Add. No words.

All the cousins.

"Sleeping" on the couch, waiting for Santa.

Hope everyone had an equally Merry Christmas!

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