Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: At the end

I love the news. Seriously. Love it. I watch it on TV (anytime I can- noon, Live at Five at Four, the five o'clock news, ten, eleven- love it all), read it online, follow it on twitter, and talk about it with anyone who pays attention to it too. (Which is pretty hard to find sometimes- a lot of times being in college is like being in a bubble where the outside world doesn't really exist). Anyway, in honor of twentyten ending the day after tomorrow, I thought I'd reflect back on the big news stories of the year. Because who doesn't love the news?! Plus, it's crazy to remember everything that has happened in just a year. And I think it will be cool to look back later. So, in no particular order here we go.

Earthquake in Haiti
Sea World employee got drowned by the whale. What a way to go.
Bama won Championship (gag) and so did Duke (gag again)
But UT men basketball made it to the Elite 8!- and we went to St. Louis to watch
New Orleans won Super Bowl- Yay for Drew, but I was cheering for our boy Peyton
iPad invented- A giant iPhone that doesn't make calls- just kidding, I love Apple
The Olympics!- big time distraction from studying! And remember the bobsledder that died... And USA vs Canada hockey. So close.
The World Cup- good thing that was during summer. The summer I re-fell in love with soccer players. Gooooooooal!
Tiger Woods... I guess really this was the end of '09, but most of the confession/ apologizing was during 2010
LOST ended :( Forever. Good thing they make all the seasons of DVD. Maybe I'll finally figure it out this time.
Full body scans in airports. So much for privacy, but who really cares?
Lane Kiffin leaves UT. Can you say riots?
Volcano erupts in Iceland- Eyjafjallajokull... clearly someone just closed their eyes and banged on the keyboard to come up with this name. Clearly.
Bill is elected govenor! Yayyyyy!
Oil spill...
Bruce Pearl cheated... and lied. 
Longest tennis match EVER. Literally. Side note: I know someone who knows someone who knows the winner. Or something like that :)
Teacher shot principal and assistant principal at Inskip
Toy Story 3. The end. I've literally grown up with Andy. We've been the same age through it all. I was five when it all started. Now it's overrrrrrr.
Chilean miners trapped... And rescued!
And the Vols became the only team to have won two games and have them taken away, ending in losses. Good gravy.

Twenty ten. Thanks for being a great year.
Here's to hoping twenty eleven is equally as memorable!

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