Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We're gonna have a Merry Christmas, Baby

This break has been crazy. Crazy good. That kind of crazy. Full of lots (and I mean LOTS) of movies, friends, games, food, music, lights, and Christmas everything. I've been staying up too late and getting up too early. I guess maybe I've been too busy "going" to sit down and blog. So I think I might just let some pictures do the talking for today.
Food pic number one. Pizza making. Complete with aprons, of course.

These pictures are of our "go" faces. Definitely not explaining it on the blog, but everyone can thank Jessie for these.

Christmas tree decorating time at Red Saile. We're finally fully in the spirit.
I wonder what our landlord would think of this.

Either way, lovin' these retro lights. Lovin' her too.

Our faces while watching a boy sit on the edge of the roof. Clearly we're concerned.

Beautiful, classy Christmas decorations

Game night:

Some of the boys (and a special appearance)

Team domination aka The girls

Pie Party Night:

We like each other. And we like pie.

Posing for pictures plus mouths full of food equals the half smile faces Jenn and I are demonstrating.

Winners of pie awards

We're trying to figure out how to photo shop Laura and Soap in for a Red Saile Christmas card.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree. Lookin' a little sparse, but still oh so lovely.
Wow. Lots of pictures. Christmas break has been so good to us.

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  1. Glad the "go faces" are on the internet... Now the boys will be alllll over us. What's new though? Dane and Kevin will for sure be getting some kissing action too.

    Also glad I could be such a contribution to decorating Red Saile. And look so good in that picture.