Monday, December 6, 2010

Stuck in my head

Still studying. Still no camera. Still freeeeeezing outside. Still snowing (don't know if I've said this or not, but it's been flurrying the past few days- we are sitll in Tennessee, right??). Still laughing. Still procrastination. And still really no time to blog. But I promise I really will soon. 

I've listened to it on repeat non-stop while I study. Absolutely LOVE it.  Literally. Repeat. Non-stop.

The band is called Melodime and one of my friends Karli Mansfield sings with them on this one. We got an super cool opportunity to see Melodime here for a house show. And they are seriously awesome. Karli is a great singer and just all around fantastic. So thankful Taylor introduced us. The song is on Itunes already. It's called "December." Buy it. Or wait a little bit and buy it as part of the album my friend Kent together. It's "Ultimate Duo Presents: A K-Town Christmas" with lots of really great local artists. Even better, 100% of the proceeds go to Feeding God's Children. It'll help families out here in Appalichia and in Guatemala. What a great opportunity to get some fantastic music, get in the Christmas spirit, and support those in need. 
My favorite line: "I'll be home soon to misletoe kiss youuuuu."  
Yes you can marry me now.

Somethings to look forward to tomorrow: 1. A day off from finals. 2. CHIPTOLE OPENS ON THE STRIP!
Preview for formal again...

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