Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Today is: A sick day

Bleh. That's how I've felt alllllll day long.

4:28a.m.: It was a delight seeing you (and all the minutes between you and 5:15) this morning, but I'd rather not have a repeat of that again. So stay away tonight, okay?
4:30a.m. news people: I admire you. How in the world do you get up so early, form sentences that actually make sense, tell us sleepless people about the day ahead, and look so good while doing it?!
Diet Coke: Thank you for getting me through... everything.
Pysch 480: I hate you. I literally hate you. But I'm gonna dominate your final tomorrow.
DayQuil: Thank you too. You made me feel so so much better. And gave me energy to get ready to rock it on my final tomorrow. You are my new fav.
Vegetable Soup: You are the best thing I had today. I'm glad you don't taste like you only have 50 calories. That sounds gross.
Halls cough drops: I thought I only like you red ones. Turns out you yellows aren't so bad either. I couldn't have made it through the day without you either.
Provider of all these things that made me feel better: Thank you. You know who you are. (You'll probably never read this, but I owe you big time- or was this payback for the bagel? or was that payback driving me to my final? hmm... guess I do still owe ya) Thanks times a million.
25 degrees temperature: Thanks for giving me an good enough reason to defend staying in the house. All. Day. Long.
Blog: Thanks for giving me a study break.
Favorite study buddies: Sorry I couldn't make myself leave the house to meet with you.
9:45p.m.: I love that you're my bedtime today.
Pajamas: Glad I've worn you all day. Saves me one more step at bedtime.
American Idol: You start again in January. Holla!
Roommates: Thanks for making me laugh. More thankful for y'all than all the cough drops in the world.
Tylenol P.M.: You're about to prevent another night like last night. I thank you and so does my 480 grade.
God: Thank you for letting me be part of Your good and perfect plan.

Blonde moment of the day: I was leaning against the sink in the bathroom brushing my teeth when the counter started moving. As I was thinking to myself, "How in the world is this counter moving?!" I realized just a second to late that it wasn't the counter moving (duh), but the rug. Well like I said, I realized this a second to late, much to the disappointment of both my elbows and my hip as they smashed into the porcelain. Ouch. Hopefully bruises will appear and this pain isn't for nothing. Stupid bath mat.   

Sometimes Jamie gets a little camera happy and takes 2475897324 pictures of me ignoring her, but she captured my feelings of finals so well.

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