Monday, December 13, 2010

Best weekend ever round 2

I fooled everyone into thinking I was gonna blog pronto after finals were over and then waited FOUR days. But, I am back! And goodness I have a lot to catch up on.

Okay, the best weekend ever. Here it is.

My roommate for life
1. Christmas leadership: good food, good people, good speaker, good music (at least it made me and Jenn giggle), good times.

Knoxville YoungLife is such a blessing.

I honestly don't remember the speaker last year, but this year was so great. He was a YoungLife leader's dad, and gave us such an encouraging message. My favorite part was... a lot of it. I kinda wish it was on podcast. Weird? Probably. But I did love that he talked about the passage out of Luke 1 about Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth. Specifically, I loved the part where he told us about Zechariah getting drawn from a lot to get to go into the temple of the Lord and burn incense. He was randomly chosen out of thousands of men.
Claire. Love her. So much.
The chances of him actually getting selected were so so slim... but he was. The speaker of Friday night reminded us not to think that this Christmas season can hold significant life change and new realizations for everyone... but us. Even me, my own life, can be drawn out of the sea of others and be radically transformed during this Christmas season. What a great reminder not to doubt God moving in my own life. So, friends, being encouraged. God is big enough to radically change your life this Christmas season. Watch and wait.
There were so many thing I loved that he said. I really wish I could remember them all. If I do later I'll add 'em in.

#2 super significant highlight of the past weekend was the formal at the 1505. Goodness what an great time it was! Best Christmas formal I've been to. Ever.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words, right? 
Forget the words, here's the pics.

The dress. Has pockets. Love.

Because who DOESN'T go to Gatti's before a formal?!

And here we are, folks. Lookin' good.

The dress. The pockets. Okay, I'm done now. Maybe.

I'm still working on my serious face. Maybe I'll nail it next year...

Helloooo dancing. And snow. Jamie and I like to open our mouths really wide when we see packing peanuts falling from the ceiling

The best date at the formal. Seriously.

These pictures really don't do it justice, but maybe you can get a tiny glimpse of how much fun we all had. Formal at the 1505? Big, wonderful, laughing, dancing, mistletoe kissing (kidding- kinda), so-much-fun-all-night-long check off the list.

I was just thinking, these are the days I'll remember. Live it.
Side note: As I was typing this I originally meant to type "love" it instead "live" it, but live seems to fit pretty well, so it stayed.

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