Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fact: I'm losing my mind

Happy 4 month birthday little bloggy! I am eating sour gummy worms in honor of your birthcreationday.(??)

No joke, I am losing brain cells. All day they've been slipping away. And this is a problem 'cause I haven't even taken one final yet. And good gracious, I'm talking to the blog. So, anyway, I'm apologizing for the extra errors in the post today.
My first moment of my brain being g-o-n-e occurred last night when we took a study break to eat food. We hopped in the car and went to Lenny's. Maybe it's the air in the library, or the noses in the books, but whatever it is disappears whenever we leave good ole John C. and venture out into the real world, and everyone just gets a little bit loopy. We were playing smoosh face (see image- not me, but close enough). Morgan loves cleaning face prints off her windows. So I have my face pressed against the window at a red light when I open my eyes and see a much-cooler-than-me-freshmen girl I've met a couple of time. Of course I had to roll down the window and of course I had to talk to her and of course what followed was an incredible awkward conversation, including her asking what we were up to and me tell her we were just smashing our faces against the windows to which she said, "I can see that." Oh, why do I do these things??

Dumb moment of today: I ran out of gas... AGAIN! What is happening to me?! In my defense, it is a new car. And my dad told me I had "no more than 40 miles" once the gas light came on. Well, let me tell you. 24 miles. That's how many any of you Jetta drivers have left, should you be wondering. Also, to satisfy your curiousity, Jetta's don't jerk a lot before they die, they just quickly slow down from 60 to 0 and just quit right there. So I was stranded in the middle of an off ramp on the interstate. This time I was not laughing. Only crying. I paniced when Jamie and my dad didn't answer but my friend Delaney came to the rescue. While she was on her way, a so so so sweet old man stopped and pushed my car to the side of the road for me. Then he jumped it. Then diagnosed the problem as something else. I didn't have the heart to tell him that it was more than likely the gas. I am so blonde. He said he would wait with me for my friend but I promised him I was okay. So he left. He was the only one that stopped. And he said, "I'd want someone to stop and help my wife, so of course I helped you." Did I mention I was CRYING?! He thought I was ridiculous I'm sure. But he was so nice. And he said, "Somedays, darlin', something bad happens and you think it's the end of the world, but then you go to to bed and get up again and realize that life goes on and it's still good." Such a good reminder. It was a simple gesture, him stopping, but at the same time, so many people didn't. I hope I'm like him. In whatever situation I'm in. Delaney made it, BIG shout out of BIG thanks to her too. We went and bought a gas tank, filled it up, filled it over the top, spilled gas everywhere, and breathed in the fumes the longest way ever back to my car (hence, the brain cells being all gone). We got back and dumped gas all over the side of the car, the side of the interstate, and our hands (more hence the brain cells being gone). But apparently enough got in the car to make it go and help me get to a gas station.
Now I know, gas light means GET GAS NOW! 

Today's a Panera study day. (Since my chances of me going back to bed after taking doughnuts to the school went down to zero after the little incident- I even left my bed unmade!) Panera is so much yummier and warmer and calmer and free-er than Hodges.

Good quote for today (and everyday):
"Make it your habit not to be critical about small things."
-Edward Everett

Hi from Sam. Goodness. Think he can teach me how to be so cute?!

So I will laugh it off (as I have been), be thankful for good friends and adorable brothers, and get ready for Christmas Club tonight! I hear Santa's gonna be there :) I'm sure it'll be blog worthy as well.

What I'm (and everyone else apparently) loving these days:

Loveeee that piano.

Oh, and I noticed my blog hack didn't get removed. Y'all can all appreciate my feelings for Matt Rob. Mmmhmmmm...

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  1. First of all, blonde one, we went to Nixon's, not Lenny's. Second of all, thanks for the shout out, but why am I not "so so so sweet" like the old man???

    Love you and loved all our bonding time together even though I think it did make me stupider (the gas fumes, of course, not you), just in time for finals.