Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So close...

One more final and then I'm allllllll done. 4:45 (just found out the final is at 12:30-oops) cannot come soon enough.

And then I'm off to here:

I'm going to a TITANS GAME! Titans vs. Colts. I can't decided who to cheer for. State loyalty or Peyton Manning, the love of Knoxville?! Good gosh I am so excited, I don't even think I care who wins. Watch for me on TV. I'm gonna be famous I'm pretty sure. 
Side note: Who knew that the stadius was outside?! Not me. So glad I asked a friend what to wear and he said bundle up! And I asked why and he looked at me like I was crazy. Mmm... Blonde again? Yes.

This is for you Morgan. Thanks for study breaks and doughnuts! Like you bunches.
(Don't you dare read this outloud, Stridde.)

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