Sunday, December 5, 2010

Super duper weekend

This was the best weekend ever! What made it so great? Let me give you a little preview since I can't actually blog about it right now (thanks for nothin' finals and procrastination).

My favorite things of the weekend: fancy shmacy Christmas leadership, hearing about Christmas and the wonderful season in a new way, 21st birthday party, babysitting precious children on a rainy day, new jeans as a babysitting bonus,  Auburn as SEC champs, watching football the rest of the rainy day, getting ready for formal with wonderfully loving roomies, playing dress up for a night, hanging out with super great guys, pizza shortage at Gatti's, dancing ALL NIGHT LONG at formal, tipping the scales, procastinating all day with long conversations with friends, and laughing uncontrolably to cover up awkward moments.

See? Best weekend ever in a nutshell :)

Me and my favorite guy from last semesters formal.

Whenever I get my camera back from my awesome date, and do some more studying, I'll blog about it for real.

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