Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This moment

I'm sitting here in Panera waiting for my next class to start. I have a megabreak today because one of my classes is canceled all this week. AND my night class is canceled today- three cheers for that! My professors must know how much we are d-y-i-n-g for spring break.
As I am sitting here, attempting to study for my test Thursday, but really more people watching and blog reading, my mind is wandering to next week. Gosh, I can't wait for Spring Break. I can't wait to be on the beach. And with my friends. And getting tan. And laughing. And making memories that we'll talk about forever. And having the time of our lives. Every Spring Break I've been on with these girls has outdone the ones without them. by. far. There haven't been all that many without them, but the past two years we all ventured off to attempt to break the high school friends bond and do our own thing. But now, we are back! (Actually, not gonna lie, last year, Cancun, rocked. Big time.) But I am so so glad to be back going on vacay with my favs. Not all of us went to high school together, but everyone going rocks. It's going to be awesome.
Clearly, I'm pumped. But that's not why I started to blog today. I got off topic. Shocking.
What I was really thinking about, while I am sitting here, wishing this week was over, is I am literally wishing my life away. Dreaming of tomorrow's tomorrow's tomorrow. Just doing what I can to lazily make it through this week.

Life passes too quickly without me wishing it away.

It's so hard to be present in this moment. To be thankful for this moment.
But that is how we should live. So now, I am in this moment. Fully present, fully aware. I don't want to miss a thing.

Be happy for this moment.
This moment is your life.
- Omar Khayyam

Ain't that the truth! Enjoy today.

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