Saturday, March 5, 2011

127. That's a lot of hours.

Last night a few of my friends and I went to see 127 Hours for free in the U.C. A FREE movie?! Yes please. I had heard a little bit about it. I knew the gist of the story. And I vaguely remember hearing about when it actually happened in 2003. I was in the eighth grade. So I don't remember a whole lot. Just some guy cut off his arm. But this movie was awesome. Obviously it was real intense. But it was also funny. And sad. And happy. And just so good!
Without ruining too much (I hope), it's base on a true story about this guy Aron Ralston who was rock climbing, fell, and got his arm crushed by a giant bolder between it and the canyon wall. He was stuck there for, you guessed it, 127 hours. That's FIVE days. With so so little food and water. Not to mention stuck by the arm in a canyon in the middle of nowhere! Aron had a camera and a video camera and documented what he assumed to be the end of his life. However, he escaped on the fifth day by cutting of his own arm. You can see in the movie, it's kinda VERY intense. And realistic. And eww wow. I had to peak through my fingers the whole time.
But the thing is, he survived. How incredible! He's alive! And he definitely shouldn't be, by any standards. But he is.
Want to know something weird, I've found myself praying for him. In the movie they make it seem like, more than likely, he probably doesn't know Jesus. But after surviving something like that, how can you not believe there is a God. Anyway, I'm hoping he meets Him soon, if he hasn't already. What a story he already has, but how much greater God could make it.
I honestly teared up in the movie. Not that I'm much of a crier (catch my sarcasm) but I was so incredibly happy when he found other hikers. And they were so willing to do everything they could to help him. To keep him alive. I love people's selflessness and ability to come together in times of need.
Anyway, this movie was wayyyyy better than I was expecting. I really do recommend it. It IS intense. And there is some bad language. But it's incredible what the human body can endure.  And the tragedy that happened to Aron seems so random. As if there is like one in a billion chances of that happening. But it did. So enjoy the moments. The seemingly insignificant phone calls from Mom. The laughs with friends. Because really, life is so short. But we at least have today.
So, if you get a chance, go see it! ...But be prepared to cover your eyes....

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