Friday, March 11, 2011

Procrastination meets SBXI

This, my friends, is what procrastination looks like. I thought once I had a little break from classes my procrastinating would stop. But no.  This is a gift. I am STILL procrastinating on spring break. Goodness. Let's back up for just a second and celebrate that... IT'S SPRING BREAK!!!!!! Congrats on making it through the week! Now we get a lovely nine days off to do n.o.t.h.i.n.g. You better believe I am not even thinking about school until next, next Monday. Definitely doing a fist pump and leg kick for that as I sit here on my floor. (If you happen to read this blog and aren't on spring break, congrats on making it to the weekend. Two days of freedom. Hollar!)
We leave for PCB (don't judge me) in t-minus 7 hours and forty-ish minutes and I am sitting in a room full-and I mean full of clothes. It's like suitcase explosion and I haven't even pulled out my suitcase yet. See?

I just can't decide what I need. And I always, always over pack. Tragic. So I figure why not just sit on the floor hopelessly and wait for all my stuff to magically packs itself?
But we all know that's not gonna happen. So I might as well get back to work.

Off to to the oh so wonderful state of Florida! Can't wait to fry in the Sun, look at the Palm trees, smell the ocean, Boogie board until my tummy is red, read for FUN, have sand in my bed, run on the beach, avoid sharks in the water, and share one bathroom with seven girls. See ya in a weekish bloggies! A million fist pumps and leg kicks for SPRING BREAK twenty eleven. YIPPEEEE!

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