Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lazy Sundays

Lazy Sundays are good for the soul. I'm pretty sure it's a proven fact.

Last night was a good night for our family. Today? Not so much. Today UT lost to Kentucky. BUT last night, the heels beat Puke (aka Duke)!!!! Yippee! ACC champs baybay!
Poor guy. Lucky we even associate with him :)

We yelled "Heels" to finish "Tar" chant across Wild Wings with the Knoxvegas UNC alum. Who knew there was such a community of them here?! Love it.
People, this is where I come from. The parents.


Despite Tennessee's loss, it has been a perfectly lazy Sunday afternoon. Since I don't have anything due until Thursday this week, I decided to live it up.

I made my sister entertain me but testing out a hairstyle I'd been thinking about for awhile. She was a good sport. And even pretended to be a model for me. Whatta champ.

Add rockin' my new fav hairdo. Presh. 
(Please note the UNC blanket folded on the couch behind her head. We are no bandwagon fans.)

SamSam. He wouldn't let me do his hair. But he does have a killer smile, don't chya think? 

Bag explosion. No joke. Note the places where the egg and box were.
We also became bakers. Brownies from a box. That's how I roll. One brownie-bag-opening-explosion-on-the-counter and egg-tumble-and-crack-to-the-floor and batter on fingers and face and hair covering later, we got to enjoy. They are d-e-l-icious.

Hope we don't die from eating raw eggs


I got a new pair of jeans yesterday for FOUR DOLLHAIRS! Holla! 
And my Momma got groceries for me. Three cheers for being able to eat food again! Hip hip hooray!
This time next week I'll be lounging on da beach!
Happy Sunday, y'all!!

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