Wednesday, November 10, 2010

RIP Retainer

Something very sad just happened to me. Just now. I broke my retainer in two pieces. Yes, this is real life. I am a 21 year old blogging about my retainer. Before you laugh, let me tell you just how I broke it. It all started after I brushed my teeth. Reached for my retainer case. And my psycho toothpaste tube jumped off the shelf and knocked my top retainer on the ground, and my bottom retainer INTO THE TOILET! Now, I tried to rinse it with water once I fished it out, but I was still too grossed out. So I decided to boil it. To kill the germs, right? Well all went as planned aka it did not melt, as I was afraid it would. So I am not even sure how it happened exactly, but I fished it out, and next thing I know I'm holding two broken pieces in my hands. Instant distress. Laugh all you want, but I wear it every single night. And any nights I forget it are just not as restful, my bed isn't as warm, my sheets aren't as soft, my pillow isn't as fluffy, my dreams aren't as sweet. This little pink and purple (gag- I hate purple. Why would I ever choose that??) glow-in-the-dark wire and plastic device has been holding my teeth (and my apparently my entire life) in perfect straight harmony for seven years now. I just hope I can get through the night. I put it back in the case and put the case back in the cabinet. I think I'm thinking it will magically be repaired overnight. I haven't been to the orthodontist in so long I'm actually worried that he is going to say I don't even need to wear it anymore so I don't need a new one. But I want it so bad. I'm so sorry retainer!

Ignore the boy who I'm sharing a seat with. I promise he's not too important, just a friend. This is just the first picture that came up of my teeth. That were once so straight. All thanks to my sweet retainer.
Stupid placement of the toilet...

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