Friday, November 26, 2010

Best day ever!

Today was the best day. Here's why:

1. I got accepted into the teaching program at UT!!
2. So did my friend Delaney.
3. It's thanks to everyone's prayers.
4. Double volunteer day- Angel tree and Salvation Army. The good things about this is getting to do Black Friday without having to actually do all the mess. (As I write this I realize this really doesn't make sense...)
5. I have the most wonderful friends in the world. Not sure if I've said this before or not :)
6. Auburn won! WDE.
7. Bama lost. Always makes a great day.
8. Tennessee basketball won too. Beat Villanova. I love Skylar McTHREE. It's gonna be a good year, although we will miss Bruce for a little while...
9. Mom's making a congratulations dinner.
10. We have celebratory Diet Cokes.
11. I'm sitting next to my little brother who lives a hour and half away.
12. There's a fire in the fireplace. Mmmm....
13. The rain stopped and it became a typical November day. So long record high temps.
14. My sis is writing a book. She's on chapter 2. I'm figuring out how to become a central character in this story. So far, so good.
15. I got to wash my clothes so now they are so clean.
16. Addie and I bonded while we were ringing bells.
17. I laughed so hard playing the "guess that person's name" game with her.
18. I got to see my high school friends working hard at Petro's.
19. I ate my weight in chocolate covered pretzels.
20. I'm gonna be a teacher!!!!!

I actually can't think of anything bad that happened today.
Really, does life get any better?

And now, a preview of our Christmas card taking experience...

Hope everyone else had an equally fantastic day. Happy day after Thanksgiving!

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