Monday, November 29, 2010

I am...

 This is how I am feeling.

I am disliking finals.
I am disliking that now all my freetime is devoted to studying.
I am disliking writing a paper for Western Civ 241.
I am disliking that I am eating cereal for dinner when I've been having yummy homemade food(or at least food other than whatever is cheapest on the menu) for the past couple of nights.
I am disliking that I am having to drink my second Diet Coke of the day. *See fist of dislike list for reason why.

I am liking that tomorrow is the last day of classes.
I am liking that my paper is mostly done.
I am liking that we have dead day on Wendesday and Thursday (aka two days off!)
I am liking that I still have clean clothes from being at home.
I am liking that I haven't bit off all my fingernails yet.
I am liking that caffine still effects me.
I am liking that we still have a bubble gum in our jar (even if only the worst colors are left).
I am liking that Crossroad is tonight-excuse to escape studying.
I am liking that me and Jamie took a reward for hard work journey to Menchie's today.
I am liking that this weekend will be oh so fun.
I am liking that tomorrow is my momma's b-day.
I am liking that in ten days I will be free for over a month.

Wow. I almost just stopped after the "I am disliking" list. Glad I continued on with "I am liking"! Looks like the good still outweights the bad!

Study break.
And now, time to hit the books again. Lehhh go. Fall 2010. In da books. Almost.

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