Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Day, Election Day!!

BIG congrats to the new governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslam! The Haslam's are such a big part of Knoxville and absolutely loved by everyone who knows them, which is pretty much everyone I know, come to think of it. I am so thankful that we get to have a governor who loves Jesus so much and truly wants to make the great state of Tennessee a better place. Side note: I went to Max Patch yesterday (b-e-a-utiful!... and another post for another day) but we got home around 7:40 and I sped like crazy to make it to A.L. Lotts to vote. I calmly cruised into the school at 7:53 (polls closed at 8), cast my vote, and began the celebration. I think I literally may have been the very last person in Knoxville to vote, but it counted. I just love voting. I actually think it is important and I really am thankful we have the right to do it, but mental note to self: early vote from now on. I am proud to support him and just SO excited he won. Good thing the election is over though because my "Bill Haslam for Governor" bumper sticker may have just about seen its last days. It's so fun that someone we (as a family) real-life know is in this position of power. Governor Haslam is a fantastic man and will lead Tennesse wonderfully. Knoxville is for sure sad to have the Haslam's have to move, but good gracious we sure are a lucky state!

Congratulations Bill Haslam!!!

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