Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Short, Sweet and Still Meaningful (Hopefully)

Here we go...2 weeks, 2 posts...we've got a streak! I also promised this would be short, which is hard for me. Very Hard. I figured I could post a little video and that would keep me out of the danger zone of writing another small essay. Let's get to it quickly, or else I'll start on a tangent about Spring Fling or my Birthday and then it's over....you'll be here till tomorrow. For any thoughts pertaining to that, you can request a personal live blog from myself at any time this week. But alas, onto the video....

So, I have a sneaking suspicion that 98% of the people who read these posts are females. Just call it a hunch. That's ok though, because I can post stuff like this song that I probably wouldn't post on my facebook for all to see. But I need to post it somewhere, it's just too good.

I have a big time crush on Sara Bareilles. She's a phenomenal singer, really talented writer and just seems like she would be extremely fun to hang out with. She's really funny, sometimes corny, and is incredibly good at one of my true loves - the piano.  If anyone knows anyone who knows her, point her in the direction of this blog. I feel real good about my chances. 

I have an even bigger crush on this song right now. Youtube claims it has 5,033 views. I estimate at least 1,000 of those are mine. I've added four more just during the time I've spent typing this post. It's called Beautiful Girl and it will be coming out on a short album at the end of May. You're welcome. It shows off Sara's talent as it's just her on a ukelele and that's it. It's really simple but it's got this hauntingly beautiful sound to it. I also love the lyrics. That's weird for a guy to say, but it's true. If I was a girl, this is probably something I would really want to hear. Even as a guy, this is something I want girls to hear. Shoot, everyone needs to hear it. So without further ado, Sara B getting it on the uke....


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