Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Real Last Day

So today is officially the last day of finals. Graduation starts tomorrow. Weird. We're all about to be college graduates. These were the fastest four years of my life.

Random people out in public have been asking what's next? College? Where?
I need a shirt that says "I'm older than I look." I'll wear it until I get too old. Which is 30. Or maybe 25.

I'm out of college. Except not really. Out of college for about 20 more days.
Then back at it.
Grad school.

I'm embracing this. Doing my best to avoid the real world. Yuck.
I only get one year though. I need to figure out how to make it a little longer...

I feel like everyone is thinking, "I'm done with college... now what?"
I'm glad I have one more year to totally get that figured out.
It's a weird/scary/exciting/weird/fun/sad/busy/lonely/weird/confusing/freeing/adventurous/really weird time.
One of my bffs tweeted this: "a wise man once told me (disclaimer: I have no idea who this "wise man" is, but I agree, he is wise) "God designed life to get better and better." aka rest of your life > college"
I'm not sure how this will be possible, but I have to choose to believe it.
So freshmen year of life (kinda), bring. it. on.

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