Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Post College Post

Woooow! Welcome back to my life, Bloggies! It's been awhile to say the least. Lots of exciting things have happened since my last post.
Here's to catching you up on my adjusting to the post undergrad life (yeah right).
1. NEW ROOMIES!! While I am so sad to be losing two of my sweet roommates from last year, I am SO pumped for the two new ones that moved it. EEK!
Babes. The Red Saile girls are rockin'.

2. Red Saile got is getting a makeover. It looks totally different than last year but is coming together... slowly.
    This accounts for me not blogging for awhile. We didn't have internet. Actually we did, but it took us about a week to finally figure out how to plug everything in #slow #girls #blonde #technologicallychallenged

3. I finally joined the technology advanced average world with... hold your breath, Bloggies, an IPHONE. Yes. I, Chelcie Crawford, finally got an iPhone. No more Palm Pre baby! I'm about 99% sure it was the last one in use in the world and it has officially been retired. Glory, glory! PTL.

4. Post college life I have zero money. Typical. But we made about $300 in coupons to Chickfila when we went to the grand opening. Lucky number 70 right here. The heat, awful tan lines, and extreme sweating were totally worth the limitless sweet tea, cornhole, and time with friends, and of course a years worth of free Chickfila. Insert CFA plug here: the new cookies are ah-maz-ing. And if you want to see our fame, you can click here. I'll be signing autographs all week.
Red Saile girls love chicken.

Been up since 4:30, still lookin' good.

Introducing our temporary replacement roomie, Kevin. He's almost as good looking as Jamie :)

Our home for the night. The night was about as rough as the tent looks.

5. We went to the drive-in. Gotta love embracing our inner East Tennessee-ness.
The Advengers > The Lucky One. Just FYI... 

And that's a wrap!

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