Monday, May 7, 2012

The End of My Kindergarten Days

The semester is over and my days in Kindergarten have come to an end.
At least for now.
Possibly forever.
I really loved my time at Brickey. It made me realize more fully what age I hope to teach:)

Here are some of the funny things that happened on my last day with the bebes:
1. We had "Bee Day." We made a "hive" out of the tables and each kid got a bee job. I got to be the Queen Bee. My job? To be fed and make babies. Can this please somehow become my real life job?
2. A girl asked me to pull out her tooth. She clearly did not hear of my extreme dislike for all thing dental related. I told her to wiggle it with her tongue and turned around. Two seconds later she was shoving a tooth (root and all) into my hand. Nice.
3. One boy told me that another boy was saying bad words. The "S" word. I raised my eyebrows. And he said, "Yeah, he called someone 'stupid.'" I had to hold back my laughter... again.
4. They were making Mother's Day cards and it was my job to read them the sentence and write down their answers to the fill in the blank. One sentence was "I know my mom is smart because she __________." The kids were filling it in with things like "...she knows how to count by tens all the way to a thousand" and "...she knows what 100 + 100 equals." Then one boy said, "I know my mom is smart because she listens to my dad." Sigh. Boys will be boys...?

I have loved all the funny stories I've had while teaching Kindergarten, but I'm excited for another grade next year. I'm glad this profession offers something different every day and will allow me to entertain friends with funny stories. It seems like every single day of my placements I had something funny to tell afterward. I have no doubt Norwood will not disappoint in plenty of stories to tell as well.
Elementary school. Gotta love it. 

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