Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's My BFFL's Birthday!

Here she is.
In all her glory.
Becca Jones.
We all say we feel like we are still 17.
So I felt like it was fitting to put up a picture of her when we were that age.
Although, today she is 22!
Tiny freak out moment happening here... We got so old so fast!
Somethings about Becky:
Becca is the craziest, funniest, coolest, friendliest, best person you will ever meet.
She is one of those people who I sometimes thinks knows me better than myself.
She cracks me up
She's the one I call when I have something funny to share, need some advice, or just wanna talk (which is so very often for me).
She's a total babe.
She makes everyone feel important and like they are the greatest person in the world.
She shares her cute clothes with me.
We make a perfect team.
We have SO many memories together. She is like a personal journal of my life.
I can't even start naming them or I'd never ever stop. For real.
I love her so much and am more thankful than words can say that I get to call her my best friend! (everyone else be jealous).


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