Friday, May 11, 2012

Graduation Day!

Today I graduated college!
It is significantly different than high school graduation though.
For one, instead of getting up early and going to graduation, I stayed in bed and read. And hung out with my fellow graduate roommates.
I laid out at the pool.
I didn't put on a dress.
Or a cap and gown.
And guess what, they still let me graduate!
How cool.
No cards full of money coming in the mail.
Or celebratory dinner with my family.
Or cool grad gifts I'll never use again.
Or graduation parties where we all share our favorite memories.
None of that.
But still a graduate.
For all you Legally Blonde fans: "Congratulations class of 2004 2012...we did it!" I hope you were accurately able to hear Reese Witherspoon's voice in your head.

The best way to show enthusiasm. Fist pumps and leg kicks for being d-o-n-e with undergrad!

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