Tuesday, March 6, 2012

T-Mo's Guest Post

Ok shoot....here we go. Chelcie wins. My maiden blog voyage has begun. I have no idea how I got caught up in this. I have no idea how blogging even works or what to blog about, but here I am! 

I think this all started during a tasty little dinner at Chipotle a few weeks ago. (You are welcome for this gift from the North). Considering the fact that the only two foods Chelcie likes are Chick-Fil-A nuggets and ice cream, I'm not really sure why she was there? However she was, and I opened my big mouth about being a guest blogger. Let's just be honest, I had every intention of avoiding the actual blogging, but our turtle-loving friend Bubs was persistent. She really backed me into a corner with the whole introduction post yesterday, so I decided against hanging her out to dry and decided to come up with something. 

That being said, I have no idea what to share with you all in this space over the coming weeks, so I guess I can start by expanding on Chelcie's intro. 

In his own words...
"He loves stories, smooching, and the bachelor and he's about to tell you all about them."

Lies. I don't know why she would attribute this statement to me. Luckily for her, I do enjoy a good story and a good smooch. However, never in my entire life have I ever watched the Bachelor because I watch wrestling at that exact time every Monday. That being said, I may have based the following opinions on "things I have heard from people who do watch the show:"

-Courtney is absolutely insane and needs a young life leader like Kyle Bisese, but the girls were way too hard on her last night. They all made themselves look terrible. 
-However, Emily is still wonderful and should have won. I'm open to dating her if she happens to read this blog.
-How did Ben become the Bachelor and woo that many women?
-Is it the hair? Is that in? Next time I go to Frank's, I'll ask for the "Ben the Bachelor."
-But seriously, how did he become the bachelor? We've got hope fellas.

Anyways, that could all be wrong since I've never watched the show. Just a few thoughts from random "things I've heard."

But I digress... so what else? Other than a large supply of awkward photos that imply Chelcie spent way too much time on my facebook, there wasn't much in my intro that would tell ya where these Tuesday's will take us. Let's see....

I do happen to have my fair share of stories, real friends that closely resemble Seinfeld characters, a small claim to the throne of Jordan, the best cornbread recipe east of the Mississippi and a couple theories, observations and lessons on this thing called life. So...I suppose thats a start. I'm sure we can find something of value amidst that jumble. Hopefully I can provide some laughs, maybe I can throw a serious thought or two out? Maybe you all can help me figure out what to write about? Do blogs work like that? Who am I even writing this to by the way? I feel like I'm writing as if every person I have ever met is reading. However, I have this sneaky suspicion that the only people reading this are the eight girls I watched the bachelor...errr I mean wrestling....with last night. Either way I'm excited.

I've got a little life left in my fingers, so I guess we've got time to finish with a small story. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you have probably heard of "The Formal." Essentially, three springs ago, a few close friends and I hatched a plan to throw a formal in our house. The idea kind of sprung up out of nowhere. In typical T-Mo and Kev (Kevin Harris) fashion, we decided to take it way too far. There are many glorious details that I will save for another post, but in short....it was a major success. There were zero expectations and it ended up being one of the most legendary events ever. Everybody demanded that we have a repeat formal the following spring. To this day, a somewhat modified form of "The Formal" still takes place. We still reminisce often about that magical first formal. 

So, what does that have to do with this blog? Well, the formal was just one of many half-brained schemes and ideas that we worked up sitting on the porch at 839 Deery St. That one worked, in fact it exploded. However, I've got a long list of ideas and schemes that never made it far off the porch. For example, five days after that formal, we launched our plan to ride the momentum and throw the greatest Cinco De Mayo party the state of Tennessee had ever seen. Kevin wrote the entire Facebook invite in Spanish. The only event we had planned was Karaoke. (That wasn't even really planned, we really just didn't want to take the sound system from the formal back and had been having Karaoke every single night since.) We had like three bags of chips and a little bit of salsa.  It's safe to say it wasn't quite as big as The Formal. That didn't stop us from throwing the same party the next year. Once again, not quite as big a hit. There's a reason you haven't heard as much about the Cinco De Mayo party. It was certainly no "Formal." In fact, those who were there may even remember it as a little bit of a disaster. But you know what's funny, when we all sit around reminisce, we all love to talk about that stupid Cinco De Mayo party almost as much as the formal. 

Two semi-dumb ideas with no expectations. One turned into a life-long legend, the other is barely talked about. But Both are just as sweet in my mind when I think about the great memories of college. So that's how I am looking at this little blog appearance I will be making here and there over the never few months. Maybe it will turn out like the formal? Maybe I will find out I have this secret blogging talent that hundreds of people will just have to follow and tune in to. Not likely. It's more likely that my blog posts will be like the Cinco De Mayo party. But you know what, that's great. I'm excited about that. Just like I call up Kev every once and a while and say "Hey man, you remember that Cinco De Mayo party we tried to throw? Man that was awesome..." I will hopefully say to Chelcie, "Hey remember when I used to randomly write on your blog? That was a lot of fun." 

I hope that's how it plays out. I hope it's worth somebody else's time too. I'll do my best to provide at least one laugh or piece of worthy advice. Isn't that what you do in blogs? If not, I may have just wasted a good 45 minutes of my life. Oh well, that's what they said about the Cinco De Mayo party too....

Hasta Luego,

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