Monday, March 12, 2012

It's a List...

This post is mainly just to:
1. Help me procrastinate from studying a tiny bit longer
2. Give everyone else trying to procrastinate from studying another excuse
3. Show y'all these...
Those are blisters folks. And they are on BOTH hands
4. Encourage y'all to refrain from the bars and rope and rings at Premier. They look and seem so fun, but I am still so sore. And unable to wash my hands without pain. Oh the price we pay for a couple of hours of fun.
5. Courtney. Really, Ben? I don't need to say anymore.
6. IN LESS THAN ONE WEEK WE WILL ALL BE LAYING ON THE BEACH (or a boat)! Yayyyyy! Or at least we won't be in school. Holla balla (just fyi, "holla balla" is NOT actually a cool phrase to use. Learned that the hard way and I will never live it down)
7. Happy Monday (night)!! We can make it!

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