Friday, March 9, 2012

Recap of T-Mo

So, that's T-Mo for y'all. In all his glory.
You're welcome friends.

Now, a couple of things need to be addressed regarding his post...
1. The whole "Chelcie wins" thing is total garbage. T-Mo is the one that thought up this wonderful idea of guest posting. Duh. Don't let him even try to fool you.
2. I love Chipotle. So much so, I have blogged about it before. Gift from the North. Whateve.
3. Now, it's true I do like Chick-fil-A and ice cream probably more than anything in the world, they are not all I like. See, T-Mo has been in the unfortunate position of seeing me when I am being most selective about what to eat (I use the word "selective" because I am totally NOT picky)
4. The Bachelor bit. We all know who the truth here.
5. He really is the (very distant) heir to the throne of Jordan. So I've officially had royalty post on the blog. Check that off the list. (I hope he doesn't come back to read this. Wouldn't want the 86th in line to the throne of Jordan to get too big a head...)
6. He really is funny. Glad the humor crosses to the world wide web as well.
7. Once he started he couldn't stop.
8. He loves the blog. He can't wait to post again. Fact.

And he's now had 3 posts in a row dedicated to him. Wow.
But next time I promise something other than T-Mo. Sheesh.
Over and out!

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