Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Am I NUTS for wanting to teach?!

Today was my first day per-interning in Kindergarten.
This is what I learned:
  • It's officially "criss cross applesauce." The racist Native American references are no more. (I actually already knew this but still...)
  • 10:10 is an acceptable time to eat lunch
  • Kindergarteners are wittle bebes still
  • They like to hold hands
  • I feel like I could scoop them up and carry them on my hip
  • They weigh 90 pounds all of them combined together
  • They tell funny jokes:
    • Kid: "Hey, I know a joke!"
    • Me: "Oh, you do?!"
    • Kid: "Yeah! What is the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts?"
    • Me: "Umm..."
    • Kid: "Beer nuts are $1.48 and deer nuts are just under a buck!"
    • Me: (someone teach me the apporpriate response to this because I'm pretty sure laughing out loud isn't it. Whoops)

Kids are funny.
I like teaching.
I think I am nuts after all.

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