Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What is Friendship?

I'm reading another awesome book. I'll save the details of it for another time, but right now I love this...

love at all times
stick closer than a brother
are always there for you
encourage and affectionately affirm
offer bracing critiques
are constant and transparent
always let you in and never let you down

A lot of us have heard that C.S. Lewis quote about friendships being born when two people say, "You, too?"
Friendship is more discovered than it is created.
Because the best friendships are about something else.

"Friendship must be about something, even if it were only an enthusiasm for dominoes or white mice. Those who have nothing can share nothing; those who are going nowhere can have no fellow-travelers."
C.S. Lewis

I'm so thankful I have friendship with the common thread of Jesus linking us.
So thankful for these friends (and more):

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