Thursday, June 21, 2012

Please pray!

I believe that prayer is powerful.
I believe that God can do anything.
My biggest struggle is not whether or not He can do something, it's whether or not He will.
But I know that no matter what God brings Himself glory.
And we have a huge role in helping others see that glory.
Well I know a family who is always so lovingly and so consistently glorifying God.
And they are in desperate need of prayer.
This family is the Cochrans.
Words cannot even begin to express what a blessing this family has been to us as Halls YoungLife leader.
Every Thursday night for the past three years they've opened up their home and allowed it to be overflowing with high schoolers. 
They've allowed us to come into their basement and do what we do.
All so Halls high schoolers can hear about Jesus.
We've rearranged the furniture in their basement, got shaving cream all over their walls and carpet, got tape stuck on the tops of cabinets, made their neighbors call in anger, got chocolate syrup on the floor, destroyed the grass in their yard, and totally, loudly, 100% interrupted their Thursday nights for three years.
And never once have they complained or been anything but over the top welcoming and appreciative of us.
Not only all this, but they have gathered families in their small group to provide dinner for us on Thursdays. For a bunch of hungry, poor college students, homemade meals speaks volumes of love.
Words cannot describe their generosity.
I wish I could do this family justice.
The thankfulness and love we have for them just cannot be expressed. 
And as I said, they need prayer.
The youngest boy, Saxton, has cancer.
He's 12. The same age as my sister, Addie.
It's metastatic carcinoma.
I don't know a lot about cancer, but from what I've read, the cancer started somewhere and spread lots of other places. 
The details are on his CaringBridge.
The Cochrans sacrifice so much because of their love for Christ.
My heart is breaking for all of them.
But they love Jesus so much and are still praising Him during this time.

Saxton's CaringBridge.
His brother, Spencer's blog.
You can see this family's faith in God and love for each other through both of these.
They are amazing.
Pray for complete and miraculous healing for Saxton. And that God will receive all the glory. 

Saxton's sweet sister, Maycie. She'll be a senior this year. Love her so much.

Please pray.

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