Wednesday, June 13, 2012


What. A. Day. Summer.
Tonight I am choosing to be thankful.
I'm thankful that I had to go to school today. Because it means I did well enough in undergrad to get accepted into grad school. (Someone thinks I'm good elementary school teacher material:))
I'm thankful that I was in class from 12:10-8:50. Because it means I get to further my education even more.
I'm thankful that I have tons of homework. Because it means I'm learning a lot and getting lots of practice at being a great teacher.
I'm thankful that five of my friends are in Europe(!!!). Because it means they are having the best times of their lives and will come back with lots of awesome stories to tell.
I'm thankful that some of my other best friends are gone too. Because it means relationships aren't based only on proximity and convenience. And they'll coming back with lots of stories too. (Insert thankfulness for iPhones and hand written letters here too:))
I'm thankful for my friends that are here aka three of my sweet roomies. Because it means we get to find fun things to do to make up for being left behind in Knoxville.
I'm thankful that I'm setting my alarm tomorrow even though I don't have school. Because it means I get to spend some quality time with one of my precious teammates.
I'm thankful for my bed. Because I refuse to believe there is a more inviting and welcoming bed in the world.
I'm thankful for this life. Because widening my perspective, even slightly, makes me realize how blessed I am.
I'm thankful for my God. Because all the time I am so undeservingly loved.

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