Saturday, June 23, 2012

Two Months Late...

Sometimes when I want to blog procrastinate from doing grad school homework and I don't know what to blog about, I go back and look through my old posts.
Well I found this one in a draft I never published from two months ago. Whoops.
I love this post. 
I like to go back and read it and remind myself to chase God's dreams rather than my own.
This quote was all that was saved in the draft but it fits with that post so well, I can't believe I forgot to publish it.
So here it is:
After Bubba Watson won the Masters (side note: I don't even like golf or pay any attention to it at all, but who can help absolutely loving Bubba?! He rocks.) this is what he said:

"I dreamed about it—my dreams just never went this far." 
-Bubba Watson

How often do I dream about things, but never let my dreams go as far as God plans to take them? Answer: a whole lot

So anyway, this is a random post that was supposed to be published two months ago. But I'm kinda glad I found it today. It is such an awesome reminder. And it means I got to take a break from detailed planning of a day in Kindergarten :)

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