Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day!

First of all, saying "Father's Day" seems so proper. Doesn't anyone really call their dad "Father?" Doubt it.

So many people claim it, but it's really true when I say it... I have THE best dad in the world.
Everyone who knows my dad loves him.
He has never met a stranger. He can literally talk to anyone. I admire this trait about him SO much. Whereas most people (myself included) pick and chose favorites. We look right past people my dad sees. Whether he's talking to the owner of a company or a homeless man in downtown Knoxville, my dad gives them equal amounts of attention and care. People leave him knowing there's something different. Feeling special, unique...
Speaking of unique, there is no one quite as unique as my dad. Sometimes I honestly believe he thinks he is still 15 years old. He plays so hard and overflows with a childlike joy and contagious enthusiasm.
My dad is so wise and full of good advice (and always willing to offer it :) ). He's told me so many thing that I keep in mind everyday. Like "You don't get 100% of the things you don't ask for" and "Life is too short to work a job you don't absolutely love."
I know my dad loves me. I have never, ever, ever doubted it. I've never felt like I've had to prove myself to him. I've always felt he is proud of me and the person I am becoming. This is such a blessing that I hope to never take for granted. He is probably the only person in the world who I 100% believe would put aside his own desires, needs, and wants for me anytime. This doesn't come from me being spoiled because my siblings and I are not the only ones he would do this for. I truly believe he would lay aside his needs for anyone. See, this comes from a love of Christ rather than a desire to please people or please himself. He loves Jesus and people more than anyone else I know. What a role model.
He is hilarious, energetic, caring, athletic, and taught me almost everything I know (at least all the important stuff!!).
I have an earthly father that points me to my heavenly Father. For this I am forever thankful. 
He's the first guy I ever loved, therefore my number one man. And always will be.
I'm a Daddy's girl through and through. No denying that.
I'll go ahead and blame him for me being out of school and still being single. No one can live up.
Happy father's day, Daddy. Love you.
So thankful for this man. (And missing my other main man, Drew).

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