Friday, April 6, 2012

Birthday time!

First of all let me introduce you to one of my very best friends, Abby.
I still call her Abby Troutman.
But she's now Abby Fennell.
If you've ever read this blog before I'm sure you recognize her.
She was one of my first roommates in Red Saile.
She got married last June.
She and I ran an entire marathon together (in case you've forgotten in the past two posts).
She is an incredible friend.
And today is her birthday!!
Abby is seriously probably the most thoughtful, kindest, most loving, most encouraging, and sweetest person I know. I'm not just saying all those things because it is her birthday. She really is.
I could list tons of ways she's gone above and beyond the roles of average friendship in my life. She is awesome.
Have you ever heard that saying, "Be the type of person you'd like to be friends with?" Well she is living it.
Abby is nice to everyone. I honestly cannot think of a time she's ever said or done anything to hurt my feelings. And that is incredible.
I'm trying my hardest to put into words what a blessing this girl is. I'm pretty sure I'm failing at it. Just trust me when I say that if you aren't friends with her you are missing out. Big time.
I'm just so, so thankful we get to be so close and share so much.
She is an inspiration and source of joy to everyone who knows her.
Thank you for this, Abby.
Just a little walk down memory lane...

Abby and Chelcie take on D.C.

One time I let Abby pierce my ear

All the way back to high school best friends

We've come a long way

One of my favorite spring breaks of all time

Abby and Chelcie take on the Smokies

High school. Once again we've come a long way.


I adore that we get to be in small group together

One of our most adventurous nights

So thankful we got to go to Nicaragua together. Twice!

Bride and bridesmaids

Abby and Chelcie take on dance party.

One of favorite fall breaks of all time.

Freshmen year of college nights

Vols four years ago.

Our Extreme Makeover debut.

Camping nights

And of course, the oh so wonderful marathon.
Happy, happy birthday! Love you.

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