Monday, April 16, 2012

A Little Somethin' to Read

It's been too long since I've blogged. According to one of my dear friends. And probably the one who is this little blog's biggest fan.
Don't expect anything deep.
So here you have it.
My favorite. List form.
1. If I was the stressing out type, now would be when it kicks in. So many lessons/projects/papers/presentations to do. So little time. But I don't really stress. But I should.
2. I. Cannot. Believe. It's. Only. Monday.
3. Two more weeks of school and then I'm a college grad. More blogs on this to come I'm sure. (Excuse me while I burst into tears now)
4. I'm already exhausted (and see number 2). Like Thursday night after club exhausted. Someone save me.
5. Speaking of my beloved Thursday nights...
a. Halls prom was Friday. And I can confidently say that these girls are the most beautiful ever. They looked like total babes (and always do, of course). I'll upload pics asap!
b. My new team is the I'm sure they'll get a post for themselves soon too.
c. I'm leading music on Thursday. If you've got any great song suggestions holla atcha gurl. The last time I led music it was off da charts. So I have high expectations to live up to. 
6. I no longer have a toenail. It's my new favorite topic of conversation. #single
7. I'm really thankful for my family.
8. When I finally give up on the day, I climb into bed and watch FNL. I'm almost done. And it's so good.
9. I'm about to do number 8 now. It's not even 10 yet. Judge me.

Happy Monday, Bloggies! 

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