Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Training Days

Disclaimer: I think this post is going to end up being incredible cheesy. Be warned!

Training for this marathon is probably the hardest thing I've ever done. It's crazy how much running long distances exhausts you. Physically, I totally get it. But mentally and emotionally has been surprising. I wish I could express it well, but I just don't think I can. I'm so thankful I have three friends to train with. We can sit around after our runs and go 'round and 'round in circles attempting to describe how we feel. The best part is, we understand each other without really using lots of words.
Anyway, as I was saying, it is not easy. But between the four of us we have the absolute best friends anyone could ask for. Saturday, we had multiple people bring water, Gatorade, and granola bars to us. Or hide them in specific spots. They took time in the middle of their days to do this for us. Once again, words cannot even express how thankful it makes me that we have people who care about us enough to do that. While we were running I had tears in my eyes multiple times from gratefulness. It is such a wonderful feeling to feel so incredibly loved.
These friends are showing us Jesus just by being good friends. Their willingness to serve and love us is something that I hope to imitate whenever I can.

I read some tips to be "Mentally Tough" (it's hard! I need all the advice I can get!)
But these are my favorite! And they can be applied to a lot of life!
When you fear, trust. Let your faith be greater than your doubt.
When you are thinking about the past or worrying about the future, instead focus your energy on the present moment. The now is where your power is the greatest.
When your own self-doubt crowds your mind, weed it and replace it with positive thoughts and positive self-talk.
When you feel distracted, focus on your breathing, observe your surroundings, clear your mind, and get into The Zone. The Zone is not a random event. It can be created.
When you feel all is impossible, know that with God all things are possible.
When you feel alone, think of all the people who have helped you along the way and who love and support you now.
When you are tired and drained, remember to never, never, never give up. Finish Strong in everything you do.
When you feel like you can’t do it, know that you can do all things through Him who gives you strength.
When you’re in a high-pressure situation and the game is on the line, and everyone is watching you, remember to smile, have fun, and enjoy it. Life is short; you only live once. You have nothing to lose. Seize the moment.

So thank you SO much to all my friends out there who are supporting us while we do this. We especially want to keep on thanking God. Because without Him we all know there is NO way I'd be able to do this at all.

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