Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My favorite winter of all time

This is my favorite winter of all time.
I love that it has been so very "mild."
I love that I've run in shorts and tshirts everyday.
I love that February is acting more like mid-March.
I love that it hasn't snowed. (Although I do miss snowboarding)
I love that I can get away with driving with my windows down and heat seater (as I like to call it) on.
I love this season!!

I don't love that the daggum groundhog thing saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks on winter. I'm gonna go ahead and assume he's wrong. Here I am making my own predictions, peeps.
I also don't like that people are comparing this winter to the infamous winter of '93. Such a fun winter (that I remember oh so clearly as a 3 year old), but I honestly don't think I could survive it.

So anyway, here's to livin' up this b-e-a-utiful weather, pretending like it's spring, and being tempted to rethink winter as my least favorite season.

Happy Tuesday, Bloggies!

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