Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Lent

Today starts Lent, Bloggies.
40 days until Easter.
Until we celebrate that Jesus didn't stay dead!!

I didn't grow up celebrating Lent, but I have come to enjoy these 40 days as intentional time of focusing on the Lord.
I've never been able to jump on the "give up some kind of food or drink for Jesus" bandwagon. Maybe it's because I didn't do it as a child, but for me, giving up desserts or caffeine for Lent becomes more about me  rather than about Him. (Please know I am speaking 100% for myself only here- if that's what you choose to give up, I support you all the way). So I struggled to think of what I should "give up" that would really draw me closer to Jesus.
Last night I found it.
First of all, I'm giving up my "snooze" button. Y'all, I love to snooze. So much so I set my alarm early, just so I can tap dat. I am a morning person, but those precious 10-60 minutes I get from pushing snooze do miraculous things. However, by snoozing I loose out on time I could be spending with Jesus first thing in the morning. So, goodbye sweet snooze button. See ya in 40 days.
The next thing(s) I'm giving up are: complaining, criticizing, and blaming. I doubt anyone would describe me as a negative person (for that I am thankful), but there is not denying the fact that I do complain, criticize, and blame more than my fair share.
I'm opinionated and share my opinion often whether or not it is asked for. Oops.
Complaining comes far, far too easily for me. I'm a YoungLife leader (if you're one too, enough said there), I spend all day everyday learning about or being around elementary schoolers, I'm training for a marathon, and I have extreme roadrage... Complaints roll off my tongue so easily. Stopping now. I've already been aware, caught myself a couple times, and uttered silent prayers. I'm going to need lots of patience, reminding, and grace with this one.
And I hate being blamed for anything. Whether or not it was my fault. I dish out forgiveness quickly, so I am often slow to ask for it or accept blame. One of my favorite books is The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews (typing this out makes me realize I really need to read it again). In it, Truman says, "The buck stops here." That's my motto for these next 40 days. Time to suck it up and take the blame.
The last part of Lent is already my favorite. My roommates and I made lists last night of 40 people we are thankful for. Over the next 40 days, we are taking one day per person to prayer continually for that person and write them a letter. It's only been one day and it's been such a blessing already. I am so, so looking forward to having the opportunity to let 40 of the people who have influenced my life know how incredibly thankful I am for them. 
And that's that.
Happy Humpday!

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