Monday, February 13, 2012

It's That Time of Year Again...

Yet another year has past. The "in case you forgot you are single" holiday is upon us.
That's right folks, Valentine's Day.
Actually, truth be told I am pretty neutral about this holiday. I love love (a phrase I thought I coined, clearly I did not), so naturally I would love a holiday all about love, right?
Oh, but you cannot forget the fact, dear reader, that I have spent the last 22 Valentine Days s-i-n-g-l-e (once again, if blogs aren't for confessing sad, lonely facts about your life, what are they really good for?). So... I should hate it... right?
But I don't. Despite my attitude in that "forever single" sentence, I don't spend the day wallowing in my misery. I would 100% be lying if I said being single doesn't sometimes stink, but, for the most part, tomorrow is just another day.
Hence, my inability to truly define how I feel about the holiday.
So I sit here. In neutral.
Now before you sign me up for eHarmony or Christian mingle, let me say I have had some pretty stinkin' awesome Valentine Days.
Roses on my back porch. And in my mailbox. Balloons and cookies and milk. Notes. Candy. Big shout out to my cheesy but oh-so-thoughtful guy friends in high school. Really, what loving boys.

But now, my senior year in college I am evaluating my thoughts on this holiday which is quickly approaching. And actually my thoughts are similar to what I wrote in this post.
I am being pursued by the all-loving God!
That is what marriage is supposed to represent for us anyway, this perfect love relationship.
And yet I have it.
God loves me. And wants me.
What an awesome fact to just take in.
It is the only love that fully satisfies. Ever.

I read this today... "When I focus on the earthly relationship I don't have, I am being completely ungrateful for the love I already have"

So, flowers, cards, chocolate, they are all so great! But what a gift we have been given. One that far exceeds anything we will ever find here.
Single or married. I hope we don't forget the ultimate pursuer of our hearts.
Do not forsake your first love.
(Revelations 2:4)

Happy Valentine's Day, Bloggies!! Go spread the love.

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