Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summertime Slacking

I've really failed at the whole blogging thing this month. Whoops.
Before I update you (whomever "you" are) on all my oh so exciting happenings of July and all the unique and unfiltered thoughts I've had, I wanna address the Thursday night tragedy first.
I've thought a lot about it.
And read a lot.
And watched a lot.
And this is the best conclusion I've discovered... Said by this lady who was in the theater with her daughters...

"God is always good.
Man is not.
Don't get the two confused." 

That being said, my heart breaks for the families of the people who died there, for the ones who were in the movie, for the friends, for the loved ones, for the kids, for the daughters, for the sons, for the mothers, for the fathers, for the shooter, for his parents, for the police, for everyone in that community... But I am so incredibly thankful that God is good. All the time.

So. My life these days.
Full of: grad school homework (THREE MORE DAYS), hanging out with the roomies (the bomb dot com), Bachelorette watching (the show I love to hate), Chickfila eating (I'm convinced I am the sole reason they stay in business), midnight premier going (the new Batman is a.w.e.s.o.m.e. being up until 4:30a.m. is not. but still. worth it.), counting down the days (one more sleep!), crafting (and by "crafting" I really mean "doing homework at the kitchen table while my roommates craft"), Saturday morning breakfast at Long's (being one of four doesn't put the odds in my favor for having time with just me and BOTH my parents, so this tradish is one of my favorites- reality: I love every tradition), getting ready to teach the FIRST grade!!! (what?!? I probably need to go back and reread my posts from my kindergarten days since these are the babies I'll be teaching. I am still in shock- because I thought I wanted fourth grade- but super pumped!), Big Ed's eating (note: we are officially too old to stick our hands under the glass for cheese), wedding attending (lots of weddings... insert "Season of Love" here), house building (thanks Habitat for Humanity for adding that to my resume and simultaneously making me realize there are at least 256 occupations I'd rather have than being the ones to put a roof on a home), workout videos in  the basement of Red Saile (sore muscles for us for a week), and constantly reminding myself that I am sacrificing this one summer to have summers for the rest of my life. Worth it.

I think that I am still recovering from going to see the movie at midnight on Thursday so no pictures for now. Use your imagination. Or click through Facebook and visualize all the good times we've had.

Over and out, Bloggies! 

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