Thursday, July 5, 2012

Niagara Falls

First, I'll just let you soak up the awesomeness that is Niagara Falls.....

Excuse me... is this real life?
Answer: Yes. Yes, it is.
What's up 'mongo waterfall? (blogger doesn't like my use of the word "mongo." But clearly it's an abbrev for "humongous." Get on my level, Blogger)

Now I'll let you feast your eyes on some even more beautiful images...

 These humans (plus one more!) are my absolute favs. I laughed so much with them. Basically, my family rocks. 24 hours in the car together? No problem! Granted, if I had to spent one more I might have died. Good thing we didn't have to test that...

So, some things about Niagara Falls:
1. There is a really big waterfall there.
2. That's all.
3. The city reminds me a little bit of Gatlinburg.
4. There is nowhere to eat unless you like Indian food.
5. Niagara Falls is significantly different at 6 a.m. and than it is at 9 a.m. Like, doesn't even seem like they same city kind of different...
6. My parents told me a lot of people used to honeymoon there. I didn't understand why. There's nothing to do but look a waterfall. Then I got it. 
7. The population of visitors is... diverse. The kind of diverse that made us the minority by a long shot.

Over all, great trip. I can check that off the Bucket List I made when I was in sixth grade now. Holla.

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