Monday, January 16, 2012

Photo Friday

One of my New Year "Resolution" was to take a picture everyday. I've since decided to upload them to here every.. uhh... Friday. Starting next Friday of course. But I thought I'd go ahead and share the first 16 now.
Temporary tat to ring in NYE.

My first sip of Diet Coke in over a year. Sadly, not how I remember it.

The first "snow" of 2012

This is the day I almost forgot to take a picture. So I had to document the book I was reading. So good.

Becca got engaged!!! Not really. But Target's got real nice $17 engagement rings.

We had game night at Red Saile. Here's some serious Bananagram-ers.

Red Saile love

Oh. My. Word. I question if we are really related quite often.

Sweet roomie made this. What talented Red Sailers we are!

Extreme Makeover Home Edition parade. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sometimes we sit on the floor and eat.

And we like to do hip hop videos. Especially when our neighbors come in and catch us red handed.

One day it was so cold the doors in the car wouldn't open or close. Rough life.

Big Orange Country! Go Vols!

The beginning of our 8pm to 2am shift of working on the EMHE house. So fun!

That's a picture of our Christmas tree. Still up. Almost a month after Christmas.

My favorite thing about doing this is that I see moments to capture pictures (no matter how silly) in normal, everyday moments. I hope I can keep this up.

Shout out to my sweet sweet friend, Delaney. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

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