Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I thought it was senior year...

This week got out of hand very quickly. I did not see it coming and am still a little confused as to how exactly it happened. I have had three tests (two down, one to go- holla!) and a 20 page paper due all within the week. I thought this was supposed to be my senior year of college! (While we're on the subject, I just registered for my last ever semester of college. I think the phrase "time flies when you're having fun" was made for this moment. Good gosh, someone make time slow just for a little while!)
These moments are where my love-hate relationship with school is clearly seen. THREE TESTS AND A 20 PAGE PAPER! But I still wanna stay here for-ev-er.
Here he is folks, Mr. John C. Hodges

So anyway, since after 3 and a half years I still haven't learned to study in advance, Mr. Hodges and I have taken up a relationship again. And it's getting serious pretty quickly. It was touch-and-go for awhile (see the second sentence of this post... it is my senior year) but we are back at it in full swing.

But I have decided, no one has died from too much work yet. And I doubt I'll be the first (especially since I am taking up my oh-so-precious study time to blog). So I figure I'll survive.

Some good news for me- maybe bad for you- it's going to be gross and cold and rainy all day tomorrow. Perfect for writing a dang long paper!
Here's to sleepless nights, hot coffee, rainjackets, sweatshirts, snack breaks, chatting breaks, Pinterest breaks, any-excuse-possible breaks, and dominating at college.
Over and out, Homies!

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