Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkins, Haunted Houses, Roller Coasters. Oh my!

While most people went to the beach or the mountains for our so great but oh so short two day fall break, we went to Dublin! That's right folks, the beautiful city of Dublin... Ohio that is.

Side note:
What is the friendlies state?
(Shout out thanks to my friend, Becca for the witty joke)

Really, though, Dublin is such a cute town. And the weather was absolutely perfect fall.

These are our friends, conveniently both named Tyler and both from Dublin, who let us come home with them for FBX. I promise they don't always look so sad. Tyler Rosenbaum is the one on the right. He and I were in first grade together at A.L. Lotts. Then he had my mom in third grade. Then his family moved away. The only communication we had was through our families' annual Christmas cards until he came back to UT for school. I always tell Addie to be nice to the boys at Lotts because fourteen years after they meet (wow, that's a long time) she could be going on roadtrips with them.

Here's a visual of our time in Dublin:

We went to a real-life pumpkin patch and picked our perfect pumpkins off the vine. There were doughnuts and delicious apple cider slushies too.



The whole group. What a good lookin' bunch!

We went on a bike ride around Tyler's "neck of the woods." The best thing about biking in Dublin? No hills!

Either I was named after a restaurant brewery, or it's a coincidence that me and Columbus Brewery Company share initials.

Here are the boys demonstrating
another one of our favorite things to do... Sleep. The Rosenbaum's basement was perfect for move watching and napping. One of my favorite things about fall break was just that, having a break from it all to just do nothing if we wanted.

And this is all of us after the 7th scariest haunted house in the nation. I'm not sure how they rank they rank haunted houses, but it sure was scary! But it was worth all the screams and occasional shedding of tears for the huge amount of laughter we got from reminiscing after we got out.

But the real draw to Ohio was CEDAR POINT! Saturday all ten of us (notice: we skillfully brought an even number so no one ever had to ride alone) took the park by storm. I had heard rumors of the greatness of the roller coasters I'd find within the gates and I most certainly was not disappointed. Although the lines were long and our feet were tired by the time they closed the park and made us leave at midnight, we were as happy as can be after conquering the greatest amusement park of all time.

Taylor and Kacey praying for the people stuck on Mellinium Force.

Me and Kacey seeing
a Great Lake for the first time!

The even number perfection.

I wish this did it justice: Top Thrill Dragster.

So many roller coasters!!!

And SO much fun. Cedar Point. Check.

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