Friday, October 1, 2010

It's here, it's here!

October 1st officially means that fall is fiiiiiinally here! My most favorite time of the year! The weather in K-town has been going back and forth between super hot summer and freeeezing cold winter (like real life, I think I witnessed some sleet a few days ago - okay, maybe not, but it was some stinkin' COLD rain). Ooooh I LOVE FALL! And it's here! Today the temperature FINALLY got it right! It is perfect. The gas in my car is dwendling quickly thanks to me craving driving around everywhere with the windows down (and my hand out the window of course). I really don't think it gets any more perfect than it is today. East Tennessee + fall = the absolute most wonderful place to be.
Now I just want to go camping and roast marshmallows and play outside and snuggle in blankets at night and carve pumpkins and wear sweaters and scarves and walk outside in the crisp air (I just love that word-crisp- so nice) and drink cider and smell all the yummy smells of fall. Deeeeelicious.
The only bad thing about fall is that winter comes next. Bleh. But for now... I could just live this season forever.

God, good job making fall! Thank you BIG time.

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