Friday, March 1, 2013


Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.

Truth be told, I don't even know who Epicurus actually is. Probably some philosopher. Or a really important man. I hope I'm not embarrassing myself by admitting that.
Anyway, this quote has been a theme in my life, especially for the past three months or so. 
This easily has been one of the most challenging years of my life. Full-time interning, full-time grad school, full-time real life is exhausting and difficult to balance.
But oh I have so much. Y'all, God is so good. 
And so faithful.
I think back to a couple of years ago when this internship was among the things I wanted more than almost anything else. I cannot imagine how I could ever take it for granted when it was such a desire of mine. My entire life I have wanted to be a teacher, and now every day this dream is slowly coming to life. I am so blessed by this opportunity.
Lots of things have not gone as I imagined or planned. One of the many was moving to a new grade, new school, new class, new mentor in the middle of last semester. I cried a lot and was absolutely brokenhearted to not return to the first graders I had come to know and love and call my kids. But now, on the other side of this transition, God's sovereign and perfect plan is unbelievably evident and clear. I am amazed and grateful for His faithfulness in bringing me to a new school, class, staff, mentor I love even more. 
This one clear example is such a wonderful reminder and promise of His faithfulness in all areas of my life. 
I am so humbled and so undeserving, but God is so good. 
And God is so faithful.

Happy weekend.

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