Monday, August 2, 2010

So this is it

Hellooooo blog world. I've been an avid blog reader f.o.r.e.v.e.r. Today is the fateful day that I've decided to take the plunge for myself. I know no better way to start one of these than with an introduction. So, for y'all who are wondering, who am I?

I am: a child of God, a student at The University of Tennessee (Go Vols), clumsy, the oldest of four, a typical oldest child (such characteristics I try to embrace), a Southerner, clueless, a YoungLife leader at Halls High School (Go Red Devils), a daughter, stubborn, a facebooker, bubbly, a reader, giggly, a flirt, protective, a lover of "the least of these," a friend, a nail-biter, a Chaco wearer, a helper, a follower, a leader, a confuse college kid, a picture lover, a UNC fan, a blonde (in both meanings of the term), an O.C. addict, a Daddy's girl, an unorganized roommate, a future teacher...
Basically, I'm just your average girl lovin' Jesus and tryin' to figure out what my place is in this big world. Above all else, I strive to honor Him... In All Things.

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