Sunday, November 25, 2012

So Much Thankfulness

Big time haircuts! (Funny what little impact this actually had)

Short hair don't care. Positive: I get to be twins with PM. Negative: Today a friend said, "You got a mom haircut! Looks great!" Thanks for nothin'.

Thankful for arts and crafts!

Reach Them to Teach Them. Awesome.

Thankful for being welcomed to second grade with open arms!

Peaceful times spent with my sis.

Mornings. The greatest. Sunrises make getting up at 6 so worth it. (As do getting to spend all day with kids I LOVE).

Reunions. Glad I get to experience new phases of life with old friends.

My sister. The soccer pro.

Thankful these girls can match my enthusiasm for T. Swift and will JAM to "Never Ever Getting Back Together" with me.

The champions. I told ya she was a pro.

Thankful that I got to hang out with my favorite college guy.

Impressive football dives.

Love. This. Girl.

THESE ARE MY FAVORITE PEOPLE OF ALL TIME. So thankful to get to have this crew to do life with. 

Yes to movies. Always.

Chit-chats with 6 (and a half) year olds.

Sneaking onto the championship fields. Foreshadowing? Hope so.

This book. Y'all. I will be blogging about this soon. A lot.

I am so thankful for this life. I'm learning and growing daily. So much to be thankful for. On Thanksgiving and every day. 

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