Thursday, August 23, 2012

Still Alive and Kickin'!

What has my life become???
I'm really not sure.
Gosh I have so much I want to say.
I'm having too many thoughts at once.
I'm sorry.
I spend the vast majority of my time with six year olds.
I don't know if that is an adequate excuse for being completely all over the place all the time, but I'm rolling with it.
All that to say, I am still very much alive and well (despite the looks of it based on this blog).
I l.o.v.e. what I do everyday. Love it. So much.
I love the first grade.
I love my kiddos.
I've mentioned this to a few of my friends, but it is SO awesome to know you are doing exactly what you were made to do every single day.
I was made to teach.
I feel so, so right and perfect to be doing it now. Finally.
But a lot of the times I am tired at night.
At least to tired to form words and sentence and put in the effort it takes to blog. Oops.
But I love it. Gosh, I love it.
Here's a little "picture walk" of my life in the first grade.
Seriously, y'all. I'm living my dream!

Meet Miss Crawford! Sometimes I still giggle when I answer to "Miss Crawford" 743 times a day.

Our itty bitty classroom. Obviously this is before it was completely set up. Now it's our cozy (still very tiny) home.

Here's a view from the door. Really I'm just trying to show exactly how small cozy it is!
This is our Word Wall. It needs to be updated too because there are now words we know under some letters! This week we learned "up" "down" "can"and "jump"!

Our door! The kids all have apples with their names on them on the other side.
And finally, some of their artwork. I feel like a proud mother. This is from when they drew pictures from our "short a" poem. Most of them decided to draw a "fat cat."

I'm about 97% sure that was of zero interest to anyone at all, but I've been so MIA recently, I had to give y'all an update. Oh, I just love it! (if that wasn't already obvious...)

This weekend I am off again! Headed to Louisville, KY. Actually somewhere in Indiana, but the goal is Louisville for........
I can't wait to be my most spirited self and cheer embarrassingly enthusiastically.
Really, I'm pumped!

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