Sunday, September 19, 2010

Forever 21

This is the new, older, more mature, 21 year old me.

Listen up: I have the best friends in the whole wide world. There is no way any of y'all can come close to how lucky I am. My birthday was on Tuesday and so many people made it just so special. A little party of dancing around the house with the roomies at midnight followed by a day full of fun was just what a birthday girl like me could ask for.

Balloons and a flashing "Kiss the birthday girl" pin was left on my car and I wore it proudly to all four classes.

My friends made me feel extra special in all my classes. Special thanks to sweet Abby for surprising me with a Diet Coke (yummmmm) and Jamie for bring me my all time fav Chick-fil-a- What?! If only Western Civ was catered lunch eveyday :)
The core four reunited for a last minute boat outing. Taylor convinced me to go even though I really didn't have the time. But he provided me with my first ever alcoholic beverage (other than one pina colada in Cancun).
First ever drink. A beer. Core four. Woodchuck aka apple juice and Sprite. On a boat. Classy.
A rushed home for some quick family time. Sweet hugs from my baby brother and sister. Sweet gifts from my parents and grandparents. (Sweet convo with my not-so-baby baby brother in Chattanooga. Loved his call. So much. Including a "happy birthday" from his roommate, Billy)
Once I got back to Red Saile the party started. My biffle Becca Jones is the ALL TIME greatest ever. She sure did take charge. May 2nd, I cannot wait to return the favor for her. She got people there and picked up the slack where my lack of planning would've left me disappointed. (BIG thanks to everyone who came. Especially Jamie and Delaney who missed the season premier of OTH to celebrate with me. They're better friends than me because even though they say it was no big deal, I know the truth, and I could never image missing LOST for a silly party. Once again, the BEST friends.) My awesome friends brought food and drink and we laughed are were merry. I spent the night giggling and enjoying my friends.
Fortunately for me, being 21 didn't change who I really am so I didn't make any choices I regret, like so many people do. I did have a blast though. And I cannot wait for my next friend to hit this age too.

Thanks to everyone who texted/called/facebooked/real life said "happy birthdays!"

Those were the icing on the cake.

Sorry, I couldn't resist :)

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