Saturday, April 6, 2013


Meet my friend Jessie.

Jessie is someone you don't have to think about what you're saying around.
I can ramble on without thinking and she nods and listens and somehow makes something of my nonsense. She magically takes all my word vomit and interprets it into something that makes sense. It's like magic.
Jessie gets me.
And although it is a way I feel totally unique and completely loved by her, it's not just me. Jessie has a way of making people feel known.
If you know her, you know what I mean.
And if you don't know her, you're missin' out.
I started looking through our Facebook pictures together and could not stop laughing. We've had so many adventures.  Here are just a few...
I met Jessie our freshmen year of college. We were babies!
She convinced me to do one of the most adventurous things of my life...

See? We're weird. And it's not weird.

Thanks for being my inspiration for marking off my Bucket Lists.

 I have no words for the next three...



Another late night adventure we will never forget.

Holding hands on the Octodate.

We were the two losers as the Nashville Chickfila opening.
 Gah, y'all. Jessie is a gem. I am absolutely thankful to call her my friend.
Tomorrow Jessie and I are running a marathon. I've been so preoccupied with all the other craziness of my life to even mention this before now. But tomorrow morning, we are running 26.2 miles around Knoxville. I think I speak for us both when I say the excitedness and nervousness are completely equal. But we can do it! Some unbreakable bond is formed while running a marathon with someone. I'm glad this year Jessie and I get to do it together.

I can't wait to spend several hours running with you. I'm so proud of you, Brave One! Grateful for 5 years of awesome friendship.

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  1. Good grief.... this gave me tears.

    You know how to make a girl feel special. Love you lots and so thankful that we have this unbreakable bond. I already miss our runs and I can't wait to "get everyone together on marathon weekend..."